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Frederick Excavating Contractor

Excavation and Grading Professionals

Large tracked excavator works in a gravel pit. Salvaging and recycling building and construction materials. Reuse concrete for production new construction mix. Landfill with concrete demolition waste

If you need excavating and demolition service in Frederick, MD, contact our experienced contractors at Frederick Excavating Contactor. We can excavate or demolish anything for the sake of your project, whether it is landscaping or construction. If you're interested in having something installed and need to have something removed from the property, you can rely on us for our demolition services.

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Excavating a property can be challenging and even dangerous. However, we are familiar with the safety protocol that is needed for every situation that we are called to handle. We are a well respected, excavation, and demolition service in the Maryland area. Excavation requires proper planning and management. Contact us if you’re interested in working with our excavating contractors, demolition contractors, foundation excavators, construction excavators, earthmoving excavators, or any of our DC excavating contractors. We are the preferred Frederick excavation company.

About Us

As a professional excavation and demolition company, we invest in our equipment and our team of contractors. If anything new is introduced to the industry, we research it to determine if it is something that will be of benefit to our contractors. If it is something that offers them better job efficiency, we invest in their education. Their level of training is what sets them about from the other excavation and demolition contractors in the Frederick, Maryland area.

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Our Services

Removing stumps with an excavator. Mechanical Site Preparation for Forestry.
Frederick Excavating Contractor - Water Main 1
Frederick Excavating Contractor - Demolition 1

We can handle all of your excavation and demolition needs no matter how big or small the project might be. Many builders and municipalities rely on us because they know that we know how to get the job done quickly. Often, they are under strict time constraints. We come in, evaluate the situation, develop a plan of action, and quickly get to work on doing our part of the project. You don’t have to hire a ton of contractors to do what a few of our contractors can do.

Excavation and Grading
Water Main

Excavation and Grading

If you require excavation and grading services, rely on us to perform the job for you. Our grading process will ensure that you have the right type of drainage so that you do not end up with a mess on your hands. Our contractors are professionally vetted and proven efficient in their duties. It is why you can count on them to provide you with the most sound services possible.

Water Main

When you require any type of work with your water main, don’t wait too long to have the work done because it could create a larger problem than you imagine. We can quickly come to your aid by sending one of our qualified, professional contractors to evaluate the situation. If any work is required, we'll explain our process to you so that you know what has to be done to correct the problem. Rely on us if you require water main excavation.


When someone in Frederick needs demolition excavators to help with a land project, they count on us to handle the job for them. This type of job has to be carefully performed because there are plumbing pipes, gas main lines, and other fixtures that shouldn’t be disturbed when demolition is occurring. We adhere to every safety precaution needed to ensure that we do not disturb any of these important features. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we prove this by strictly adhering to safety measures.

Frederick Excavating Contractor - Road, Highway, and Parking Lot Construction 1
Frederick Excavating Contractor - Storm Sewer and Storm Water Management 2
Frederick Excavating Contractor - Outfall Construction 2

Road, Highway, and Parking Lot Construction
Storm Sewer and Storm Water Management
Outfall Construction

Road, Highway, and Parking Lot Construction

Our road excavating contractors will thoroughly survey the area where the new road, highway, or parking lot will be constructed. They have the experience that is needed to ensure you of a complete and thorough job, no matter how extensive the work might be. They will likely perform concrete excavation to properly install your parking lot. Our contractors are well equipped to perform the job that has to be done. We supply our contractors with the most up-to-date equipment to perform the most efficient services possible.

Storm Sewer and Storm Water Management

To ensure that no rain runoff can destroy the roads and infrastructure, we can assist with your storm sewer and stormwater management needs. With the right contractors attending to your service needs, you can be sure that the job will be done according to regulations to ensure that everyone is safe. Call on us to determine how your area's stormwater should be managed.

Outfall Construction

When you need any part of your outfall constructed or repaired, call on our experts at Frederick Excavating Contractor. They understand the importance of ensuring that the job is done right, which is precisely why they take their time to perform the work that they have been hired to do.

Frederick Excavating Contractor - Demolition 2
Yellow excavator on a construction site against blue sky. The modern excavator performs excavation work on the construction site
Frederick Excavating Contractor - Water Main 2

Contact Us Today

It doesn’t matter the type of excavating or demolition job that you need to have done, we are happy to do it for you. Contact our associates to learn as much as you can about our excavation services, including our excavation cost. Despite the many other local excavation companies, or services are often preferred. Call us for a free job quote today. We offer you guaranteed satisfaction.

“We have worked with other excavating companies in the area but none of them were as professional as Frederick Excavating Contractor. It is why we have chosen to use them on several upcoming projects. They always honor their commitment and follow-through. I highly recommend their services.” – John S.

“After receiving the go-ahead to start our construction project, we had to hire another demolition company because the one that we used to use has gone out of business. However, Frederick Excavating Contractor came recommended. We relied on them and are very glad that we did. They are great at what they do.” – Larry R.

“We were going over bids and couldn’t believe how affordable Frederick Excavating Contractor. We were glad to have them on our team because they have saved us a ton of money, which allowed us to have other important work done around the courthouse.” – Cary T.